Hula Boat Care Boat Detailing Products

Boat Detailing Products

Whether you are protecting new or like-new surfaces or you are trying to restore that lost luster to your boat, you will find that Hula Boat Care products. Our boat detailing products are eco-friendly and designed to perform. We…

Hula Boat Care Boat Detailing Products

Boat Detailing Kits

Hula Boat Care Products has matched some of our most popular and effective eco friendly boat restoration and boat maintenance products into perfectly matched product kits. We have also introduced a new line of accessories. Our Hula Boat Care…

Hula Boat Care Boat Detailing Products

Boat Detailing Pads & Accessories

Hula Boat Care foam and wool pads are designed to provide the best results with the least amount effort. Our full line of pads that will take you from compounding and cutting the gel coat to polishing to applying…

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Boat Detailing Articles

28 June 2016
Spray Detailer vs. Water Spot Remover

When you think of wiping down your boat after a day of fun on the water, most boaters are unclear why there are so many options available to them…

19 April 2016
Foam and Wool Boat Detailing Pads Care and Use

As boat owners we want the deepest shine and lasting results with the minimal amount of time away from the water. Professional results are possible when you use quality…

11 March 2016
“Time Machine in a Bottle” Customer Gel Coat Restoration Review

At Hula Boat Care we love to share customer testimonials. Especially gel coat restoration.

Here you go…
Wanted to take a moment to share the progress I’m having with HULA BOAT…