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Foam and Wool Boat Detailing Pads Care and Use

Pad Kits

As boat owners we want the deepest shine and lasting results with the minimal amount of time away from the water. Professional results are possible when you use quality products like Hula Boat Care’s gelcoat and surface care waxes and compounds. When matched with Hula’s line of boat detailing foam and wool pads, along with […]

“Time Machine in a Bottle” Customer Gel Coat Restoration Review

At Hula Boat Care we love to share customer testimonials. Especially gel coat restoration. Here you go… Wanted to take a moment to share the progress I’m having with HULA BOAT CARE products. I’m the owner of a 1985 Bayliner Trophy that holds a lot of sentimental value. I was contemplating having the boat repainted […]

Boat Wax and Cleaner Wax

Boat Wax Centurion boat detailing products

Boat wax, cleaner wax, boat polisher…there are a lot of different approaches to boat hull maintenance and a lot of questions about what products do what.   At Hula Boat Care Products we have developed a one-step boat wax designed to restore gloss while leaving the surface protected with a wax polymer blend. This cleaner […]

Exterior Boat Care Products and Tips


Hula Boat Care specializes in boat care products for the avid enthusiast. We designed our eco-friendly boat polish, boat wax, compound, cleaner wax, spray detailer and water spot remover specifically with performance in mind. Whether you are just getting off the water or preparing for the season you will find our boat polishing and maintenance […]

Great Customer Testimonial – Gel Coat Restoration

Boat Hul Restoration

Check out the before and after photos from T.S. after he restored the gel coat on his boat. Hello John. I was the guy who contacted you from the Middle East while on deployment. Attached are some pictures I thought you might appreciate.