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Eco Friendly Boat Detailing Products Designed to Perform Video Testimonial Using Gnarly Water Spot Remover + to Remove Hard Water Spots From Gelcoat and Fiberglass

Our friends over at made this video showing how well Gnarly Spot Remover + worked on keeping their beautiful 2015 Tige Z3 looking great. As they put it, “This isn’t just an empty endorsement, Hula Boat Care was new to us so we did a test over a month of heavy use, the same […]

“Great boat care products and excellent customer service.”

Thanks, you guys Rock.  Great products and excellent customer service. Can’t believe how fast I received my order.  Telling all my friends too. Customer “W” Boat Owner. At Hula Boat Care Products we love to hear from our customers. Whether they are restoring gelcoat or fiberglass, removing oxidation, cleaning and conditioning vinyl or just a […]

2015 West Coast Wakesurf Open Sponsorship


The 2015 West Coast Wakesurf Open is held May 28 – May 31 at Camp Far West Lake in California, USA. Hula Boat Care Products has a growing reputation for supporting professional watersports, Wakesurfing and athletes that have a dedication to their craft and the water. This dedication to watersport athletes continues with announcement of […]

Clean and maintain vinyl surfaces

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Maintain and protect vinyl surfaces on your boat with Hula Boat Care Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner. Hula Boat Care Products provides fantastic results when cleaning your boat interior with little effort. Keeps your vinyl seats looking good without that greasy feel, then this vinyl cleaner and conditioner is designed specifically for boat interiors. […]