Boat Detailing Articles

Testimonial on 3-Step Restoration

Thanks so much for the prompt shipping and the handwritten note on the invoice was a tremendous personal touch as well.  The product EXCEEDED my expectations!  I had a side business through high school and after college for almost 10 years doing automotive detailing and car stereos and this 3 stage kit is by far…

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Join in the Celebration. Hula Boat Care’s 5th Anniversary

Boat Care Products

Hula Boat Care, manufacturer of water conscious, boat detailing products has reached a milestone. Hula Boat Care is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Founded in 2011, Hula Boat Care has developed professional grade boat care products that provide effective results with minimal effort for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Each formulation is designed for the marine environment…

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Spray Detailer vs. Water Spot Remover

When you think of wiping down your boat after a day of fun on the water, most boaters are unclear why there are so many options available to them to “Wipe Down” their boat. We offer our customers two options because there is no one product that fits all needs. Surf Away Spray Detailer 11…

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Foam and Wool Boat Detailing Pads Care and Use

Wool Boat Detailing and Compounding Pads

As boat owners we want the deepest shine and lasting results with the minimal amount of time away from the water. Professional results are possible when you use quality products like Hula Boat Care’s gelcoat and surface care waxes and compounds. When matched with Hula’s line of boat detailing foam and wool pads, along with…

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