Austin Boat Show 2017

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Boat Beautiful Mobile Detail techs holding a “polish off” using Hula Boat Care products at the 2017 Austin Boat Show.

Check out the action and more from the show.

Professional boat detailing techs square off against each other removing heavy oxidation with Hula Boat Care compounds. Our friends from Boat Beautiful Mobile Boat Detailing stopped by the Hula Boat Care products booth ad the 2017 Austin Boat Show.

While we had the Boat Beautiful Mobile Detail professionals at the booth we utilized their talents to demonstrate our products, answer application questions and to test their skills against each other.

There is nothing like a little friendly competition.

Learn more about the Hula’s best in class products for removing heavy oxidation from gel coats and fiberglass, watch the video or visit our education center for more tips on boat detailing.

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