HBC-14 Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant

Bring out the shine in your boat hull, remove mild oxidation, blemishes and scuffs from your hull and gelcoat with ease.

A gel coat polymer sealant designed to protect new or like new finishes from the elements.

“I am from the Axis Wake forums… Let me first say I absolutely love the product and have never used anything better. I am working on getting my professional detailer to switch to the hula product.”

Gibby. – Axis Wake Forum 2013

Your new or polished boat looks good now but you wonder how you can preserve the finish. You and your boat can really benefit from this polymer sealant. Unlike most boat waxes or boat sealants on the market, the unique micro abrasives in our sealant gently remove old wax and residue from the gel coat and surface. The prepared surface is then wrapped in a layer of polymers that bond to the surface to protect your boat from the elements. The high gloss coating repels water and shields from UV rays.

  • Seals gel coat to slow down effects of the elements
  • Creates a high gloss finish
  • Leaves a protective, water repellant coating

Apply to the gel coat by hand or with a D/A Polisher. Allow the product to cure and wipe off with clean dry towel.