HBC-13 Hang Ten Cleaner Wax

Bring out the shine in your boat hull, remove mild oxidation, blemishes and scuffs from your hull and gelcoat with ease.

Hang Ten Cleaner Wax is the perfect cleaner wax for your boat and watercraft. Eco-friendly and easy to use, you will see professional results after each use with minimal effort. Great with dual action and high speed polishers.

“I will be letting my friend know about your products, p.s. This is by far the best wax I’ve ever use and after owning boats for 35 yr’s and waxing and cleaning them I know what I’m talking about!!!”

David F. – El Cajon, CA

Just waxing your boat is not going to cut it? This cleaner wax is designed to make your time well spent as it removes mild oxidation, blemishes and scuffs with ease. The surface is also polished to a high gloss and left with a water repellant UV barrier. Versatility is the key with this product as it can be applied by hand or polishing machine to provide the results you are looking for.

  • Removes mild oxidation, water spots, and stains from gel coat
  • Restores optical clarity and shine
  • Leaves a water repellant protective coating on the surface

Apply to fiberglass by hand, D/A Polisher or rotary polisher. Work small areas at a time to obtain desired results.