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Water Spot & Vinyl
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2 pints of HBC-0916 Gnarly Water Spot Remover + and 2 pints of HBC-1216 Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner. Normal retail $49.50 Kit price $39.50 20% saving plus two 16″x16″ microfiber towels for free.

Water spots drive you crazy? Gnarly Water Spot Remover + uses fruit acids to effectively break up and dissolve lime, mineral deposits and similar contaminants that have dried and bonded to the surfaces of your boat without stripping the wax. For vinyl surfaces we have included 2 16oz bottles of our eco-conscious, 2 in 1 cleaner and conditioner. Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner effectively cleans your seats from most sun tan lotions, spills, and grime while conditioners leave them rejuvenated, soft, and protected from UV rays.


  • Perfect for hard water spot removal and vinyl cleaning
  • Removes mild oxidation, water spots, and stains from gel coat
  • Leaves a water repellent protective coating on vinyl surfaces
  • Value priced for increased savings and two free 16″x16″ microfiber towels

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1 gal of Gnarly Water Spot Remover (HBC-0901) 1 gal of Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner (HBC-1201) Normal Retail $85 Kit price $68 save 20%.

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