Gel Coat and Boat Hull Cleaners

Hula Boat Care Products gel coat and boat hull cleaners are designed specifically for boats and watercraft. These are not re-purposed auto detailing products. Hula products are perfect for the cleaning, prep, polishing, protection and maintenance of your boat and watercraft gel coat and fiberglass. The Hula Boat Care system of products are eco-friendly, marine safe and designed to provide professional results. Our gel coat and fiberglass boat and watercraft cleaning products are designed specifically for painted and the wrapped surfaces found on boats and watercraft. Our compound, cleaner wax and sealant work with high speed and dual action polishers.

Use Hang Ten Cleaner Wax to restore gloss while leaving the surface protected with a wax polymer blend. Maintain your gel coat with Surf Away Spray Detailer and Gnarly Hard Water Spot Remover +.

“Let me first say I absolutely love the product and have never used anything better (on my gel coat). I am working on getting my professional detailer to switch to the hula product.”
Gibby, Axis Wake Forum 2013