HBC-11 Surf Away Spray Detailer – Quick Detail

Surf Away Spray Detailer is a quick detail product designed to keep your boat looking great. Its easy to use and provides effective results when cleaning your boat. Perfect for boat exteriors and interior. Perfect when used with Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner on boat interiors.

“I ordered the Surf Away, and the Wipe Out vinyl cleaner. I need to order more of the Surf Away as that it works amazing!! I had the boat detailed, and have been wiping it down with Surf Away since… Boat looks amazing!! Great product, and doesn’t break the bank!!”

Bigtige72 – OR

Before or after a day on the water give your boat a quick detail with this fortified spray detailer. Simply spray the boat down including the windscreen and bright work and wipe off fresh water spots, grime, sun tan lotion, and anything else that dulls your boat. This formula boosts the shine and nourishes the wax like Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant to increase its longevity. It helps repel water so you don’t have to work so hard to wipe down your boat every time.

  • Removes fresh water spots and grime
  • Maintains gloss between waxing
  • Leaves a water repellant polymer coating on treated areas

Spray onto the desired surface and wipe off with clean dry towel.