Boat Detailing Products User Testimonials

Hula Boat Care Products is proud to offer premium quality and eco friendly boat polishes, boat compounds, polymer sealants, boat wash, boat water spot remover and marine grade vinyl cleaner and conditioner.

The following is a list of customer responses and testimonials that we have received.

I used this product on my 30 foot campion ciggy boat that has not had shine in at least ten yrs and i am amazed at how this stuff brought back a like new shine to the boat with very little effort great stuff i am a lifetime customer from now on !!

Noel S.

I found your products on a recent business trip to Austin. I had just acquired a Bayliner Capri from a friend that needed some TLC and stopped by the Sail and Ski Center. I chatted up the sales guy in the parts department and talked about the detailing work that I needed to do wherein he showed me your products. He told me that these are the products that they used on their customer’s boats and I decided to give them a try. Let me tell you, I was absolutely amazed at how well the products worked. I purchased the Riptide Liquid Compound, Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant and the Wipe Out. I am saddened that I did not get one of each of the products sold but alas there is always the internet. I have spent well over $500 on products to do what your three products have done for a fraction of that cost. You have a customer for life.

Thank you for your products that are absolutely the best. I will gladly recommend them to anyone that asks. Car or boat these are the only products to get.

Joe I. San Jose, CA.

I am an absolute beginner in this realm so I relied entirely on your video examples and instructions when doing the work on the boat we purchased. While the boat’s interior, mechanics, and hull were in excellent condition, the exterior had suffered severe oxidation and had a number of surface scratches as well. Nothing too deep, but between the scratches and the chalky oxidation, the boat looked every bit of its age.

I was hoping that the trio of your products (compound, wax, and sealant) would at least help a little bit, but I was amazed at the results…as were others who watched us over the weekend. Some of whom asked which product I was using, which I was all too happy to share. 🙂 I’m no professional, but I think Hula Boat Care at least made me appear like one. I’ve attached a few Before photos as well as a few After photos.

Before we started…it was chalky, almost pink in some places, and very dull. After we were done…we could see our reflection, the scratches were invisible in most places and barely visible in the others, and it was shining beneath the sun. Such a dramatic difference and we can’t thank you enough for your assistance along the way.

We also used your vinyl cleanser/protectant on the interior and are thrilled with those results as well.

Needless to say, we’ll be back!

Greg – Tx. 2014


Just want to say thank you for the referral for boatbeautiful. I emailed you last week about your product that I saw on you tube and I have to say your product works awesome with the work done by boatbeautiful. I am very pleased and can’t wait to show off my boat and tell all my friends who own boats and tell them about your product and boatbeautiful’s great work.
Rey – Tx. 2014

“I’ve used the Wipe Out vinyl cleaner on my boat for about the last month and it has worked great. Never slippery, the vinyl looks excellent and it’s got out a few stubborn spots my old cleaner did not.”
Evan – Round Rock, TX. 2011

“So let’s just say I’ve been less-than-diligent — a slug actually — when it comes to wiping-down SS In2Deep after a day on the water. Laziness had set in, and I’d just slip her up, and leave. Result; an extreme case of water spots all over the hull. I’d been dreading thinking about the time and effort it was going to take to get her cleaned-up and looking new again.

So when I read here about John and Hula Boat Care Hull Cleaner, and saw the before/after pics of the Formula in one of the other threads here — I picked up some product.

Just got back from my wash session. I am blown away at the results the hull cleaner delivered. Not only the end-results, but the process in getting there. Spray on (I used 50/50 dilution with water), let sit for about 30 seconds, wipe off. In most cases, that was all it took. For really stubborn spots, it just took a second quick spray — and gone. Poof. Grab a beer and smile.

Since I was running out of time, and a bit low on Coors Lights, I decided to postpone my normal beginning of season full-on wax/polish process, so I used the Hula Spray Detailer I also got from John instead. Very impressive as well.

Highly recommend these products.”
David H. – Austin TX. 2011

I have a friend who attended a boat show and witnessed a demonstration of your Gnarly Water Spot Remover. As a result he knew of the stain problems I am having and purchased me a bottle. I am pleased to inform you that it works better than anything I have found to date.

I winter out here on Lake Amistad where the water is unbearably hard. I am not sure what it contains, but the only solution to removing the spots so far has been vinegar which also takes a lot of effort and removes the wax. As you can see by the attached photo’s the residue that is left on a boat after one outing. (You should see my boat and motor after a week on the lake. They are almost completely white from water spots.) After a simple spray and a quick wiping, all water spots are completely gone. I have witnessed nothing like it. This is my 5th year on the lake and for five years I have fought this problem. That is why I have placed an order for two gallons of this cleaner. I certainly am a believer and do not want to run out of this product in the near future.

Good luck in the success of your company. You have an outstanding product that resolves issues others can’t.
Bob M. – Wichita, KS

A few of my first impressions:

The spot remover spray works well. I have a white boat…I found some water spots that have been on my boat for about 3 weeks now and they easily cam off with a little product and just wiping with a cloth. What I did notice is that the smell is very very subtle compared to other products I use or have tried. Its a good smell but not overwhelming, so if someone doesn’t really care for the smell, it will not stop them from buying your product because it is so subtle.

John R. – Axis Wake Forum 2013

I am from the Axis Wake forums… Let me first say I absolutely love the product and have never used anything better. I am working on getting my professional detailer to switch to the hula product. Since receiving the package 2 months ago, I have went from never using a buffer/polishing tool to doing my own boat by myself. Luckily my detailer and I have a close relationship so he understands he has not fully lost my business. I would love to help his business grow with the Hula product. Wednesday my detailer will receive a demo from myself and I will be showing him the videos from the website…I would love to put a brand sticker or something on my Axis!

Gibby. – Axis Wake Forum 2013