HBC-15 Riptide Liquid Compound – Gelcoat Restoration

A fast cutting compound designed to remove sanding marks, heavy oxidation and stains from gel coat.

Gelcoat restoration and boat hull maintenance requires more than waxing and polishing. Deep clean your boats gelcoat by removing oxidation, etching, stains and blemishes while restoring gloss with Riptide Liquid Compound.

“I started with the new Riptide compound to try and get rid of these stains I will call them at the bottom of my hull that wouldn’t come off with anything else. Then I used the Hang Ten cleaner wax and finished with the Big Kahuna sealant. Here is what I can say so far WOW this stuff works great.”

Dave R. – NV

Boat sitting in the sun? Your red boat’s transom looks pink? Oxidation making your new boat look old? Before you break out the sand paper look try this product. Formulated specifically for gel coats and hard finishes, this product rapidly cuts and removes heavy oxidation, deep stains and blemishes that have prematurely aged a boat. Special diminishing abrasives cut quickly and break down into a course polish to treat the surface and begin to restore gloss and luster. This product must be used with a rotary polisher and a wool pad for best results and should be followed up with Hang Ten Cleaner Wax to achieve maximum gloss.

  • Quickly removes defects from gel coat
  • Diminishing abrasives leave a polished surface
  • Prepares the surface for polish and wax

Apply to gel coat surface with a wool pad and a rotary polisher set at 1500 to 1800 rpm. Apply medium pressure for the first 2 to 3 passes to allow the abrasives to cut effectively then reduce the pressure allowing the product to polish the surface. Work a 2’ x 2’ section at a time and inspect area for desired results before moving to the next section. Follow with Hang Ten Cleaner Wax to remove any swirls and achieve maximum gloss. Optional step would be to preserve the finish with a coat of Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant.