Spray Detailer vs. Water Spot Remover

When you think of wiping down your boat after a day of fun on the water, most boaters are unclear why there are so many options available to them to “Wipe Down” their boat.

We offer our customers two options because there is no one product that fits all needs.

Surf Away Spray Detailer 11 is a water-based, synthetic polymer formula that is designed to clean up all hard surfaces on a boat without streaking or smearing. Surf Away Spray Detailer 11 allows the user to leave a “Just Waxed” look while removing light water spots especially in areas where the water does not have a high mineral content. I formulated it with a fruit punch smell, because that was my favorite drink growing up, and it makes using this product a fun experience. The polymers used in this product fortify the polymer coating created by Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant 14.

Gnarly Water Spot Remover 9 has less synthetic polymer than Surf Away Spray Detailer 11 and instead it is filled with fruit acids to gently dissolve hard water spots while leaving any sealant or wax intact on the surface. Users should use this product sparingly, as it is concentrated, to avoid the surface becoming sticky especially in high heat and high humidity environments. Having fresh or even wet towels when wiping Gnarly Water Spot Remover 9 off will reduce chances of stickiness. Gnarly Water Spot 9 has a green apple scent, based loosely on my favorite hard candy.